About Us
eSTRAT is an established company providing end to end business transformation through Technology to organisations of all sectors and sizes. We are a ‘Vendor independent’ organisation. Hence all our consultancy services are completely impartial of manufacturers, software suppliers and corporate service providers.

All our delivered services and solutions are inclusive of change management, which underpins our company ethos of achieving efficiency through alignment of people, process and technology.

Our consultants also specialise in providing Software implementation and Change management services to Local Government, ALMOs and Registered Social Landlords. Working in partnership with our clients, our Consultants take a great deal of ownership in delivering the desired outcome expected from all our services. Hence there is always heavy emphasis on a hands-on approach; which in turn helps the organisation to minimise the impact on its operational resources during the implementation of the project. We find this approach helps us consistently deliver real and sustainable business transformation. Our methodology ensures that there is tangible skills and knowledge transfer to the relevant management and staff of the organisations we work with. This guarantees that all business improvements and efficiency gains achieved during the strategic partnership remain sustainable beyond the duration of the project.

Throughout our engagement, our approach continuously evolves to adapt the business needs and helps develop ideal business processes. These enable our partners and clients to realise the business case in good time. We seek to continuously analyse, understand and realign the three key components of the business: People, Process & Technology. This ensures the required deliverables are achieved and sustained benefits are realised. Our aim is to ensure the foundation is laid for continuous improvement well beyond the lifecycle of our strategic partnership.

This approach has enabled our consultants to deliver over £2.5 million in audited and cashable benefits to our most recent public services strategic partnership.
We can assist you to
• Achieve efficiency using existing technology
• Achieve realistic and tangible efficiency savings
• Manage and administer technologies for your business
• Implement new technology in unionised environments
• Streamline your investment in Technologies to achieve targets
• Achieve data integrity and to eradicate the root cause of data corruption
• Improving customer experience through Technology
• Achieve value for money within the means of your financial capacities
• Improve customer engagement and satisfaction
• Realise the benefits of your investments through all our services
• Work within the means of your organisation's capacity of resources and skills
• Manage performance and business intelligence through our solutions
• Simplify business processes through collaboration of technologies
• Deliver on customer expectations without complications
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