Business Process Re-engineering Workshops :

Technology on its own does not deliver business benefits. Technology is a facilitator which can provide efficiency gains though information sharing, it can help to enforce policy and process, and can provide opportunities for new ways of working to improve service quality and reduce costs. However, unless it is effectively embedded within the business processes and accepted within the culture of the organisation, the benefits will not be realised. On the contrary, new systems which are not culturally accepted tend to give rise to many new problems and issues, thus rendering the business case ineffective for the investment in the said technology.

To ensure the realisation of the business benefits of the ICT in use in an organisation, and that of future ICT investments, its approach to technology needs to be a holistic one, covering the effective alignment of the people, process, and technology elements of its business units. Our consultants have a vast amount of expertise supporting organisations through periods of change and implementing new systems and business processes. This approach also applies to our Change Management services, where the methodology is one of culture change through the alignment of people, process, and technology.

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