Database Solutions :

Databases are the most valued technological asset within any modern day business and information management is at the core of its intelligence. The flexibility in retrieving, storing and manipulating data is an ever growing demand for any organisation who seeks to continuously improve efficiency in its quest to be a market leader.

Whilst in majority of the cases, companies choose to use a pre-developed ‘Out of the box’ solution, in certain cases this is not a viable option. We develop bespoke database solutions based on business needs and client expectations, where the product designed with complete autonomy. Our end to end database development process involves architecture planning, data modelling, user analysis, storage strategy, interface design, cleansing and migration of data from legacy systems and post implementation reviews.

eSTRAT developers specialises in market leading database platforms such as Oracle, MS SQL, MY SQL, and MS ACCESS,
which offer the most secure and robust database solutions to manage your business information efficiently. We analyse
the needs of clients and develop client-server and web based application for your business. Our database solutions services
is often coupled with our ‘Hosting Services’.

Feel free to contact us for an informal and open discussion to find out how eSTRAT can help your organisation.
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