End user training :

eSTRAT firmly believes that the People are the true asset of any successful organisation. Equipping its operational staff with adequate knowledge and skills to use the relevant technologies with confidence to carry out their day job is the most fundamental formulae to success. The consequences of failing to achieve this includes: lack of business efficiency, single point of failures within service delivery, data corruption, prolonged and parallel existence of legacy systems, inaccurate business intelligence and many more.

Our approach to 'End user training' is a practical one where the emphasis is put on staff carrying out their day jobs using a system, rather than just training them on the technology alone. The same approach is applied to our training manual documentation and production interactive online training materials. eSTRAT measures its success in providing training facilities through the relevant organisation's increase in efficiency.

Our trainers have vast experience in training people of various capacities; and tailor their training sessions to cater their individual needs of the candidates.

Feel free to contact us for an informal and open discussion to find out how eSTRAT can help your organisation.
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