Infrastructure security :

There are ever increasing dependencies on IT systems to operate your business, Information Security has in parallel become an ever increasing concern to ensure the Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality of Information assets, as well as dealing with the increased concerns of Authenticity of transactions and Non-repudiation concerns.

For many organisations compliance to secure infrastructure policies & standards is perceived to be a hindrance and limitation of their operational flexibility in terms of information sharing, remote and mobile working. At eSTRAT we recognise ‘Industry Best Practices’, such as ISO 27001, and compliance requirements such as ‘Government Connect Secure Extranet Code of Connection' (GCSx CoCo) and the three levels of ‘Government Secure intranet’ (GSi). Our security consultants ensure that we aid you in the design and delivery of a realistic implementation to mitigate the most relevant risks to your IT security, whilst enabling your businesses to be more agile and efficient. We tailor our services to meet your individual requirements, whether it is solutions to specific audit findings, organisational security review, enabling secure remote working, or security-incident analysis.

eSTRAT strongly believes, that, IT Security is a great enabler, not a hindrance, ensuring the security of the information assets, and that your staff have appropriate, unhindered access, no matter where it may be from.

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