IT Strategy :

IT strategy is an integral part of business strategy and it is recognised that in today’s modern businesses ICT is intrinsically linked with business management and effective service delivery. ICT now permeates almost everything in life. When it comes to efficiency and growth, every organisation, irrespective of its sector or size, has aspirations to be the best at their relevant field of business. Hence the use of Technology becomes an inevitable and intrinsic part of all successful establishments. However it is important to recognise that all use of technologies should be business driven and needs to underpin the overall objective and direction of an organisation (i.e. Primary Business Service Plans).

eSTRAT’s portfolio of strategic IT consultancy services includes the ‘Development of IT Strategy’, which helps organisations streamline investment in Technologies in order to achieve their goals in terms of annual, biannual or five yearly business targets. We find that a vast number of IT strategies, whilst being delivered on a technical aspect, fail to achieve the overall business objectives. This is mainly due to the lack of involvement and ownership from the operational elements of the business. An IT strategy cannot be based on ideology alone; it also needs to take the relevant organisation’s financial and other capacity constraints into account in terms of sustainability of capital and revenue costs.

Current financial climate demands high efficiency from all sectors, whether it is down to competitiveness within the private sector or the budget cuts within the public sector. Our consultants have vast expertise in helping businesses to achieve real efficiency, whilst maintaining or improving their customer experience through exploitation of Technology within the means of their financial capacities.

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