IVR Solutions :

IVR (Interactive Voice response) enables computers detect and give immediate response to a voice. Incorporating IVR solutions in business is a good idea to increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost. Telecommunication costs are cut down with voice recognition. IVR solutions are of immense need and are extensively used today to place outbound calls to deliver and gather information for time critical events and appointments.

IVR solutions include different options like multiple text to speech, inbound and outbound calling. Routing calls to appropriate users saves call time and also offers better communication.

eSTRATs IVR design software system provides 24/7 service to deliver information to callers. Using pre recorded menus and voice prompts, we offer you the service to automate interaction with customers. Our support engineers offer you the right configuration and pricing plans to fit your business needs.

Feel free to contact us for an informal and open discussion to find out how eSTRAT can help your organisation.
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