Mobile Working :

Mobile working offers universal access to information, workers of different applications and all communication tools regardless of the user location and device type. The concept is all about simplicity and freedom to use different applications in real time to increase productivity and flexibility. Companies look for some innovative ways in the current financial crunch to outsmart competitors in the business environment. As not all businesses has the same processes, based on business objectives and models, different mobile working technologies are interpreted to enable clients to work with ease.

eSTRAT provides mobile working through different cellular wireless standards such as GPRS, 3G, 4G and WiMAX using
choices of hardware devices such as Smart Phones, PDAs, Tablets and Laptops. Due to the legislative requirements within the public sector, we design solutions using our expert ices knowledge in ‘Government Connect Secure Extranet Code of Connection' (GCSx CoCo). Often our mobile working solution enables access to back office systems through Secure Extranets, Virtual Private Network, Citrix and Terminal clients. We work with all major network providers on delivering our clients with easy and quick access to applications at reduced cost with better performance.

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