Networking :

Computers and networks are the vital aspects for any business. For any network to function well, there are several resources and applications that must be integrated.

Network services start from network planning, design, implementation of relevant technologies and continue with network maintenance and management activities. Any network is fully operational only when all resources go hand in hand. Certain features allow better working either in the same network or in different networks.

It is of immense need in today’s business market to go with remote working. When working in different location from different computers, it is a must for a secured line of communication between employees to share information. Be it voice solutions, disaster recovery or data backup, network services are required to keep your business in place.

The most common network services include Authentication Servers, Directory Services, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, DNS, e-Mail, Printing and Network File System.

eSTRAT provides innovative network services for domains based on different niche. We offer quality services to clients to build a good network both for voice and data.

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