Outbound Contact :

With the variety of methods available for communication, it is vitally important that organisations have a defined strategy for getting in contact with their client base. This may be for the strict purpose of increasing the organisationís revenue, or to proactively keep the client base informed, thereby improving satisfaction and loyalty.

The Outbound Contact solution provides a suite of tools that allow customer service managers to contact customers using a variety of techniques (phone, SMS or email), depending on the preferences or characteristic of that customer, or the nature of a particular communication. The solution includes a powerful data extraction tool, allowing the contact centre manager to slice and dice the customer database. A list may be created, for example, of all customers whose preferred communication method is via telephone, vs those who prefer to receive communication by SMS. If the organisation is providing an update on the status of an outstanding query, calls can be scheduled using predictive dialling for one set of clients, whilst for the other set, SMS messages are sent.

The solution can also be tuned to respond to overall inbound and outbound volumes within the contact centre. If the volume of inbound activity increases, and agents are performing both inbound and outbound functions, the outbound solution will automatically reduce the rate of outbound dialling/SMS if it has been configured to do so.

Real-time reporting with dashboards allow the contact centre manager to monitor the effectiveness of outbound campaigns, with the ability to immediately change the parameters of the campaign if necessary. If an outbound dialling campaign during the day is delivering a high rate of answer machines, for example, the campaign can be rescheduled for the evening or switched to email or SMS.

The solution is fully compliant to the latest OFCOM outbound standards, with reports available that prove compliance.

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