Outsourcing and Support Services :

For many organisations, it is a challenge to attract and retain employees with specialised technical skills. The market for such skills can often be competitive, leading to considerable recruitment and training costs when employee churn occurs. Then there is the problem of managing varying levels of skill within the talent pool. Junior engineers will always need help from senior engineers, reducing the productivity of the most expensive employees, or increasing their workload. At all times, the customer will demand the best of service, often in a 24x7 environment, 365 days of the year.

To help manage this challenge, a variety of services are available, ranging from simple support services, to full outsourced solutions. Pricing is tailored to ensure a high rate of return on investment. Resources are available both in the UK as well as remotely through India.

Skillsets include, but are not limited to:
Contact centre technology technical support:
  1. First line, second line and third line capability
  2. Integrated ticketing system (with an inherent knowledge base) or the client’s existing system can be used
  3. A wide variety of technologies and vendors supported (inbound ACD, outbound solutions, call recording and workforce optimisation)
  4. Regular reports and updates regarding performance
  5. Tailored SLAs
Contact centre technology Moves, Adds, Changes and Delete services:
Software Development (not an exhaustive list):
  1. Languages and tools: C, Java, Javascript, XML, SQL Developer, PL/SQL, Oracle, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, ODBC, Centura
  2. Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux, Windows
  3. Computer Telephony Integration: most major vendors
  4. Protocols: TCP/IP, SOAP

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