“People are the most valuable assets of an organisation” - a phrase that is widely used and in most cases the acceptance of the concept is superficial. In reality it is more of a logical statement than just a phrase and could be shortened to “The People ARE the organisation!” Among the three fundamental components of an organisation and its services (People, Process & Technology); ‘People’ by far is the most key element to the success of any business, as process and technology are entirely dependent on the confidence, acceptance and opinion of the staff (People) using them.

It is also the most complex, labour intensive and time consuming element to manage in terms of ‘change’, as it is not just a matter of logic. It involves the art of psychology as the People are likely to be from different cultures and backgrounds with varying beliefs, feelings and capacity. They may also be in different places in their lives, and therefore more or less able to deal with change.

When it comes to Change Management, eSTRAT’s success is almost entirely down to the greater emphasis it places on the people element, in the adaptation of its ‘Alignment’ methodology.
Without well-structured and managed Business Processes an organisation will face greater difficulty in achieving efficiency and consistency in its quality of service. Customers will have varying experiences of service from a provider that does not have structured processes embedded within its business. Process is also key when it comes to the optimisation of business efficiency within an organisation. On the other hand it is imperative that the ‘art of the possible’ in terms of Technology is factored into the development and implementation of the Business Processes.

In order for an organisation to meet its ever-growing business demands, its business processes must be flexible enough to evolve with advances in technology, thus enabling the organisation to achieve optimum efficiency.

eSTRAT finds that in terms of the Change Management effort, Process and Technology are not difficult in comparison to the People element. Although it is almost entirely down to good common sense and logic, alignment of the three components is essential for a successful application of our methodology.
Technology now permeates almost everything in life. When it comes to business efficiency it has been the greatest enabler over a number of decades, however Technology on its own does not deliver business benefits. Technology is a facilitator which can provide efficiency gains though information sharing. It can help to enforce policy and process, and can provide opportunities for new ways of working to improve service quality and reduce costs. However, unless it is effectively embedded within the business processes and accepted within the culture of the organisation, the benefits will not be realised.

Whilst eSTRAT recognises technology as the ultimate enabler, in terms of change management efforts and in comparison to the People and Process elements, it is a significantly easier deliverable to address. Technology's role in the 'Alignment' methodology is to underpin and enable the relevant agreed processes, within the relevant system based on optimised efficiency throughput. Hence the involvement of the technical expertise from an initial stage of the process mapping and re-engineering exercise is crucial, as it will help in factoring in the relevant technical capacity into the solution design. 'Alignment', get it right and the benefits will astound!
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