Project Management :

According to ‘Wikipedia’, by definition, a project is considered to be ‘a temporary endeavour, having a defined beginning and end’. Whilst this being true in theoretical sense, eSTRAT finds that the value of good project management cannot just be measured by a timely life cycle of a project alone. The success of a project is dependent on the benefit realisation in terms of the project’s business case. We find that the words ‘Project Management’ is one of the most loosely used terms amongst suppliers, as in majority of cases financial management and quality assurance elements are non-existent.

At eSTRAT we believe that taking on a task of ‘Project Management’ is not just a matter of ‘work’, as a failure can easily compromise our reputation and track records! Hence prior to taking on or bidding for any size of project management contracts, we constantly review and qualify all business cases to ensure that our customers’ investments are thorough in terms of the project objective and business expectation. We find that this approach helps us to have the same conviction as our clients in delivering the project and in warranting that the overall objectives are never compromised from its initiation through to its benefit realisation.

eSTRAT adopts and applies the Prince2 methodology in the most practical sense to manage all of its projects varying in sizes.

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