Real-time Wallboards :

Wallboards in a contact centre or operational environment such as a support centre or help desk will increase business efficiency by allowing agents, supervisors and managers to react quickly to changes in contact volumes or activity type. In a real-time environment, competitive advantage can be gained by using the wallboard tools to re-organise the teams and queues to match customer demand. Agents and back-office staff can have local wallboards linked to workflow and workforce management applications enabling proactive control and improved productivity.

Various wallboards are available as standard with enhancements provided by a toolkit to connect to virtually any back-office system and multi-channel contact solution:

1) Agent wallboard
Soft-wallboard on Agent's PC for proactive monitoring of their personal and team's performance.
2) Contact Centre wallboard
Soft-wallboard which projects performance statistics on a plasma/LCD display or Manager's desktop PC.

The toolkit allows grouping of skills and queues to show summary data in real-time with dynamic configuration as well as CTI links to back-office systems and threshold based alerting with customised message scrolling.

A resilience option is available for critical environments and an iPhone application can also be made available.

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