Self Service Solutions :

Our 'Intelligent Voice and Video Self-Service' delivers personalised automated service over the phone. This enables customers to efficiently and effortlessly retrieve information they need from the contact centre. This award-winning product provides IP-based self-service and call routing. It combines open-standard support for speech and with its intelligent application development and industry-best call control, it can deliver personalised
self-service to callers - either as a standalone interactive-voice-response (IVR) system or it can be transparently
integrated with a contact centre.

Self Service solution helps :
• Eliminate clunky, one-size-fits-all menu trees that can frustrate customers
• Deliver more relevant personalized voice and video applications that exceed customer expectations
• Centralize management of larger, distributed deployments
• Increase visibility of your contact centre operations to compare self-service performance against business metrics

Key Business Advantages :
• Aligns the contact centre with your business strategy, ensure unique personalised service based on customer data
• Makes the contact centre flexible enough to instantly change with your business demands
• Reduces costs by queuing at the edge of the network and directing customer interactions efficiently
• World-class experience, transparent transfer of information from voice and video to agent-assisted service

Our Self Service solution combines the power of open standards with intelligent application development and management software to :
• Provide enhanced call control, platform management, and reporting services
• Deliver a high-performance solution for enterprise-level contact centres
• Offer world class customer service
• Increase customer satisfaction and overall business profitability

With our product, businesses and organisations can provide incoming callers with automated, intelligent self-service using touch-tone input or speech recognition. Callers can access and modify their accounts, place orders, get status updates, retrieve information, and resolve problems - all without speaking to a live agent. This paradigm results
in dramatic revenue savings in agent costs. However, if an agent's services are required, we can queue the call
and then transfer it to an agent along with information about the caller and the self-service session. With this solution, agent productivity improves and customers get to experience a pleasant and seamless service.

Feel free to contact us for an informal and open discussion to find out how eSTRAT can help your organisation.
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