Service Level Agreement :

Whilst being providers of services or suppliers of products, every organisation is also a recipient of the same. When it comes to managing IT service provision from an external organisation or an internal team, it is imperative that a robust and adequate Service Level Agreement is established to cater for the business needs and also for its performance to be managed in accordance with the relevant agreement.

eSTRAT finds that the majority of the market leading IT service providers worldwide adopt ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ (ITIL) as their methodology of best practice for support, delivery and management of IT services. Whilst this is widely known and understood within the IT industry, majority of the IT service recipients are unaware of the processes involved and relevant benefits to be expected of a service provider who may acclaim to be an ITIL accredited organisation.

Our ‘Consultancy Services’ includes independent development and management of SLAs and offers in-depth and structured training for managers, who are responsible for negotiating and managing SLAs on behalf of an organisation.

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