System implementation :

Due to various reasons such as conflicting priorities, challenging timescales and cost constraints, there is never a good time for organisations to embark on implementing a new system.

In the IT industry the term ĎSystem Implementationí commonly refers to the technical installation of new computer hardware and systems software along with databases and application programs. Whilst this approach addresses the implementation of the technology, it alone does not guarantee the delivery of the ultimate objectives and the outcome expectation of the organisation. Hence many market leading IT systems do not have the same level of customer experience or efficiency
outputs across its clienteles.

eSTRATís approach to system implementation is business driven and for us a system implementation is only deemed
complete, when an organisationís entire business processes are embedded and functional within the system. We find this approach helps organisations in realising the full potential of their investment within the system and reduces the duration
of benefit realisation and Return on Investment (ROI). This is only possible when all three key components of your business
are successfully aligned and working in harmony, which is the single most important objective of any partnership we form
with our clients.

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