System Specification :

System changes are part of every organisations progress, where a new system needs to be developed or procured to meet new business demands. Whilst the businesses themselves are best placed to specify their requirements in terms of their business challenges in comparison to an existing system, it is recommended best practice, to ensure that the possibilities technology can offer are factored into the System Specification. We help organisations in ensuring that the system specification is technically future-proof, by incorporating all their potential requirements in terms of functionality, capacity and capability.

eSTRAT 's Consultants have extensive first-hand experience in development and configuration of business systems based on various platforms. Hence our 'System Specification' services take a practical approach in producing a specification, using our consultants capacity to review your current system in terms of technical capacity and help convert your business challenges and requirements into technical specifications. This in turn helps to ensure that the specifications are inclusive and free of ambiguities. This service is often coupled with our 'System Procurement' services. Given our wide ranging experiences within the Housing sector, we can help develop specifications for Housing Management Systems from your existing hardware, software and interfaces, through to complete tenders for new housing management applications.

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