Telephony Performance Reporting :

The success of every contact centre is dependent upon its ability to measure, report, and act on performance. This is important not only to address short term situations, but to understand long term trends and adjust strategic visions and goals accordingly.

Many vendor solutions are shipped with native reporting capabilities. Often these donít quite provide the information that is required to drive the business forward. They either need to be adjusted, or combined with other sources of data within the organisation to measure true business performance. Integration with financial systems, for example, can provide a view of average revenue per call, instead of simply measuring number and duration of calls.

Reporting needs are specific to every client, and a wide variety of system integration can be performed. The following is a small sample of reporting that can be adjusted as required:

Agent Reports: including, but not limited to outbound call analysis, wrap-codes analysis, daily or specific interval reports, activity code analysis

Agent Team Reports: including, but not limited to wrap-up code analysis, summary reports, specific interval reports, login analysis, performance by area, performance by agent, handle-time analysis, activity code analysis

Call Type Reports: including, but not limited to performance reports (by specific interval), customer analysis report, wrap-up code analysis, activity code analysis

Skill Group Reports: including, but not limited to maximum wait time analysis, agent group outbound analysis, wrap-up codes analysis, activity code analysis, specific interval analysis

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