Voice Automation :

With the cost of a call into a UK contact centre averaging 2.89, the benefits of voice automation are immediately apparent. Automated solutions can handle the majority of queries that a live agent can, at a fraction of the price. The key to success, however, is a tried and tested solution that is implemented quickly and efficiently, delivering a high rate of accuracy. The voice automation offerings below have been created by pre-building applications based on many years of experience deploying voice automation in the field.

Identification and Verification
Most organisations have a requirement to identify and verify callers into the contact centre. Performing this action can take up to 30 seconds, and is a task that the contact centre agent has to repeat call after call.

The Identification and verification package provides the ability to identify callers based on a unique piece of information, such as an account number, as well as a secondary identifier, such as postcode or date of birth. Integration to system data is via a web services layer, meaning the solution is highly flexible in terms of the types of end-systems that can be queried in order to positively identify the caller.

PCI DSS Compliant Payments
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global standard that applies to all organisations that deal with card payments from brands that form part of the Payment Card Industry (American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, Mastercard Worldwide, Visa International.) The standard requires adherence to technical and policy measures, designed to protect the data of the card holder and prevent credit card fraud.

By automating payments, organisations remove the need to expose contact centre agents to sensitive credit card details, reducing the risk of identity theft from within the contact centre. The solution has pre-built integration into payment gateways, meaning it can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Transaction data can be sent to one or multiple systems, including payments, cancellations, and deposits. The tried-and-tested user interface is designed to ensure the experience for the caller is as efficient and easy as possible. Options are available for a touch-tone interface as well as natural voice recognition.

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