Web Hosting :

Whether a new business or well established business, online presence is a crucial factor to adapt to the swift business environment. The online availability is the only means to bring out the services a business provides or the products it supplies. A website with an attractive domain name having multiple pages and graphic images is available for visit (by users connected to the Internet) only when it is hosted in the World Wide Web. A website therefore needs a host or requires server space. The server uploads the completely designed website into the web. Any user who has access to the Internet can view pages of the website.

Hosting is provided by professional companies that engage in offering web hosting services. This particular host is a database of several other websites and is always connected to the Internet. The host functions full time allowing users to access the websites anytime. When a website is hosted, the website automatically gets the access to create any number of email addresses with the domain name and send or receive emails between different addresses. The website can run any number of programs, create and manage databases and carry out different functions.

eSTRAT offers web hosting services to all kinds of websites. Our professional team is highly skilled in hosting and provides you with the right type of hosting after reviewing the requirements of customer applications. We thoroughly analyze the database server software, scripting software and operating system that our customer websites require and provide quality hosting service.

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